Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Letter tells why pastor resigned :: Concord Monitor

Or, rather, why the pastor resigned according to the senior warden:
The Rev. ____ resigned in April from [his/her] position at the church because of [his/her] problems addressing issues involving authority, collaboration, commitment, dissemination of information and judgment, ____, the church's senior warden, wrote in a letter to parishioners dated ___.

(Blanks and brackets are mine.)

That about sums up what any parish would say if the rector-parish relationship goes sour. How would the rector sum it up?

The Concord Monitor continues:

Lombardo met with church officials and Bishop Gene Robinson for more than 14 hours in an attempt to resolve the issues but decided to resign rather than have the parish go through a lengthy formal investigation, vestry members said.
I wonder if Bishop Robinson ever thought his Episcopacy be different, and would help parishes and rectors resolve these situations in a better way.

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