Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Doubters of the gay-rights support group's success in such a conservative state are quickly proven wrong :: Salt Lake Tribune

Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah was honored with an HRC Equality Award for her dedication to human rights.
. . .
Utah's first Human Rights Campaign Gala at the Orem home of WordPerfect co-founder and philanthropist Bruce Bastian on Saturday afternoon looked suspiciously like a huge Utah family reunion.
. . .
"Walking by the hecklers, then seeing how wonderful everything is, I thought, 'You guys are missing out,' ” said Millie Watts. Watts and her husband Gary Watts received the HRC Equality Award for their advocacy in Family Fellowship, a service organization based in Provo that focuses on strengthening relationships and educating families with homosexual members. The volunteer staff consists mainly of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Guests were escorted to dinner by the University of Utah marching band....
Would Bishop Tanner have been recognized were it not for the gay bishop issue in which the Episcopal Church is embroiled? No doubt she deserved the award; little doubt, though, that the award went to her to make a statement. I don't see such tactics as constructive or Christian. Besides, it creates sympathy for those who think homosexuality is a sin. I'd find a turn-the-other-cheek approach more productive for gay rights.

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