Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Roundup of responses to the HoB Resolutions :: The Episcopal Majority

We've got New Clear Days, and as the dust clears we can see The Episcopal Majority today is rightly monickered. TEM has a terrific blogospheric roundup of House of Bishop's resolutions here.

TEM points to this poignant statement at Of course, I could be wrong:
The American Church ought to grab this opportunity and become a truly prophetic voice in the world Church. Leading us all into the Kingdom of God. But they won't. They will just feel smug and go off and play with their own ball on their own. The problem is that Godly American Episcopalians do not realise how strong they are in their own country compared to Kingdom Christians elsewhere. They think we can just do the same as they are doing. But we can't. The English Church does not allow the voices of its members who are not company men and part of the establishment, to be heard. And although some of these insiders may truly want reform they are not going to attempt to achieve it by rocking the boat they one day want to be an officer on.
My emphasis.

So what about it Yanks? What can we do to lead "all into the Kingdom of God"?

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