Monday, March 19, 2007


Ekklesia reports (my emphasis):
Reasons for favouring disestablishment vary. Some see it as a matter of getting the church to stand on its own feet or "setting it free" (as in Magna Carta). Many, including secularists and humanists, perceive it as a necessity in a plural society where no one faith or belief system should hold sway. Yet others argue on Christian grounds that the church being embedded in a privileged institution is incompatible with the leveling message of the gospel.

At official level the Church of England, which is now the only established church in the 78 million worldwide Anglican Communion, has tried to thwart a major debate about disestablishment – seeing the current arrangement as part of its own preservation.
Ouch. Self preservation. If that's the reason for thwarting disestablishment that's pretty, erm, damning.
Critics argue that in tying itself to an anachronism the Church is in fact stifling creativity and harming its reputation.

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