Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quote of the day :: Ephraim Radner

Because the Primates – as those asked to respond to the threats against this Anglican vocation – have offered together a way forward, I believe it is best to follow this way as far as one can from within the position God has placed us – in this case, Americans within TEC. How do this, if TEC’s own bishops as a group have rejected this way?

i. Those bishops who do not in fact share the “mind” of the House of Bishops, must say so openly and separate themselves from that mind; they must have a different mind, a mind that is at one with the larger church’s.

ii. They must respond positively to the Primates’ request, by publicly acceding to their recommendations, both in word and deed: clarifying their own commitments on matters under dispute, and following through with the request to gather and nominate a Primatial Vicar to a Pastoral Council – now seemingly capable of being made up only of 3 persons, given TEC’s refusal to participate. What the Council does with this rests in their hands; but “communion-minded” American bishops must at least do their part.

iii. Individual congregations and clergy and laity within TEC should encourage Communion-minded bishops to this work, by urging them forward and committing themselves to the Pastoral Scheme as it unfolds under the direction of the Communion and the Communion-minded. Such a commitment could be given in a number of ways, but it should be done openly and clearly.

iv. Communion-minded bishops and their supporters may indeed face sanctions from the official structures of the TEC – other bishops, the legal offices of 815 and the Executive Council. This will represent the practical side of the conflict now upon us. But be of good cheer – He has overcome the world.

v. We must in all things act together, and not apart. Shall there perhaps be a moment on October 1st when we shall stand as one mind and one heart? But if this is to happen, the choices we make today must move in this direction and not another.

-Ephraim Radner
My emphasis. It reads to me as an open call for secession from TEC with the aspiration of the "Communion-minded" being recognized as the Anglican Communion's recognized affiliate in the USA. Refreshingly open. Read also my related quote of the day of March 24th by Sarah Hey. Hey and Radner are on the same page in seeing the Pastoral Scheme as an instrument for division. No doubt the House of Bishops signaled the same opinion of the scheme by rejecting it.

Jim Naughton doubts the opening premise, "the Primates – as those asked to respond to the threats against this Anglican vocation – have offered together a way forward [by recommending formation of a Primatial Council]."

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