Friday, October 05, 2007

Fixation on Uganda's problems

Episcopal News Service:
Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) is providing emergency assistance to communities affected by severe flooding in Ghana and Uganda. Nearly 17 African countries have been affected by heavy rains which began in early June. Approximately 1.5 million people have been impacted, including more than 680,000 in West Africa alone.

Church of Uganda News:
The Episcopal Church USA (TEC) has clarified its commitment to continue on their path to abandon the Biblical and historic faith of Anglicanism. They, in fact, have decided to walk apart, and we are distressed that they are trying to take the rest of the Anglican Communion with them.
--The Most Rev. Henry Orombi
In the meantime the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa are meeting in Mauritius discussing the continent's problems. Chief among them is not the fear of a forced import of American theology. It's curious that the very apparent reason for being of the Global South is that unfounded fear. Or does the Global South take the fatalistic view that it has no control over the problems of poverty, disease, injustice and oppression?

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