Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quotes of the day: Tobias Haller and Martin Reynolds

Tobias commenting at Thinking Anglicans:
The ABC has again and again shown that his primary interest is the continued existence of the ecclesiastical institution, and has even sacrificed his personal beliefs about the underlying issues -- and called on TEC to do the same. By challenging the institution, Akinola attacks the very thing Canterbury has tried to protect. This is more than a tactical error; it is a strategic mistake.
Martin Reynolds, same place:
It has always been Dr Williams’ position that, having pulled back the Americans and Canadians to a Windsor position, the real crisis would come for the so called “orthodox” to live with the position of open debate and diverse opinions recognised in the Windsor Report.
Indeed. Or, in the words of Mike, "Who is 'Windsor Compliant' now?"

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