Monday, November 20, 2006

The Nominating Committee Announces Its Slate of Five Nominees

Bios as posted at the official website:

Some FAQs:

1. How many years experience do the candidates have serving as a parish rector?
Dannals: 21
Jennings: __
Johnston: 16
Lewis: 14
Parkinson: 9

2. How many goggle hits does each have?
about 63 for "robert s. dannals"
about 36 for "gay c. jennings"
about 15 for "shannon s. johnston"
about 62 for "irwin m. lewis"
about 16 for "caroline s. parkinson"

3. Are any (or have any been) Nominees in Elections for Bishop in the Episcopal Church (click link)?

4. Seminary?
Dannals: The Virginia Theological Seminary, M. Div., 1981; Drew University, D. Min., 1989; Graduate Theological Foundation, Ph.D., 2005
Jennings: Episcopal Divinity School, M. Div., 1977
Johnston: Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, M. Div., 1988
Lewis: The Virginia Theological Seminary, M. Div., 1980
Parkinson: The Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, M. Div., 1984

5. Home church (or other) webpage:
Dannals: Christ Church Greenville
Jennings: CREDO Institute
Johnston: All Saint's Tupelo
Lewis: Diocese of Southern Virginia
Parkinson: Grace Church, The Plains

UPDATE: Here's what's being said about the candidates in the comments over at Stand Firm in Faith.

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