Friday, February 02, 2007

There's a new blog in town...

It's called epiScope.

"We," by the way, being the reporters and editors of the Episcopal Church's Office of Communication.

Mostly we'll track references to the Episcopal Church in online media ... provide links to full documentation and source material ... do a little "rumor control" where it's needed ... provide a moderated forum for public discussion of substantive issues raised by stories and opinion pieces... and provide a way for the wider Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion, and the general online public to interact more directly with ENS and Episcopal Life writers and others at the Episcopal Church Center in New York and on the road.

Using a blog, rather than relying solely on ENS or Episcopal Life, permits us to work virtually in "real time" on breaking stories, instead of waiting for a full story to be written and edited and a page to publish on the main website. We'll always do a complete followup and link back to epiScope's pages once it's published.
At StandFirm the comments are hot and heavy.

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