Monday, February 05, 2007

Reviving an abandoned Episcopal church :: Boston Globe

Scores of parishioners who fell away from All Saints church in Attleboro in recent years as the schism in the Episcopal Church of the United States deepened flocked back yesterday in an attempt to revive an Episcopal congregation in the 116-year-old parish.
In Attleboro, the sign outside the church advertising it as an Anglican, orthodox congregation was gone, replaced by a sign restoring the word "Episcopal" that the Anglicans had removed and saying "All are welcome."

The Rev. William D. Underhill , the newly appointed interim pastor, told the crowd inside that "God is with us, and is giving us a mission to reestablish this congregation." But, he added, "to rebuild this parish, we need people."

"You may say we are too few, and you may be right," Underhill said.

He then invoked a gospel account of Jesus and St. Peter at the Sea of Galilee to encourage them to "go and catch more people."

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Harry said...

The local Attleboro paper had better and more thorough coverage of this than did the Boston Globe. See comments and links here.