Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"In recent weeks the Archbishop seems to have sloughed off some of his caution" :: The Telegraph

The simple truth is that this learned and thoughtful man has earned a reputation for woolliness, so anxious has he appeared to see both sides of an argument. Wrestling as he is with an Anglican communion that is in danger of tearing itself apart over gay ordination, such tortured analysis may be understandable.


Yet in recent weeks the Archbishop seems to have sloughed off some of his caution.
Now he has taken an absolutely unequivocal line on the importance of the traditional marriage to social stability – into the bargain delivering a sharp swipe at the "commentating classes of north London" for their casual approach to the institution.

For Dr Williams, as to millions of his fellow Britons, the traditional marriage is the glue that holds society together.
*Ironic that the advertisement is for Agent Procateur the "sexiest lingerie in the world." But of course it is St. Valentine's Day that's coming.

The Telegraph's coverage of ABC's statement here. Extract:
Although he did not refer directly to Tony Blair or his Cabinet, his comments will be seen as a coded swipe at New Labour. Many influential figures in New Labour lived close to Mr Blair in Islington, north London, in the early 1990s before he became Prime Minister. They argued that marriage should have the same moral status as cohabiting.

Although Mr Blair has said he supports the institution of marriage, ministers such as Margaret Hodge and Tessa Jowell, who have been divorced and remarried, have argued that favouring marriage would offend divorced or cohabiting parents.
Why speak in code?

Full text of ABC's speech here.

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