Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Confessed centrist :: fatherjones.com, Anglican Centrist

The opening:
With the election of the Very Rev. Shannon Johnston as bishop coadjutor in Virginia, many have been commenting in the blogosphere and old media about his being a 'centrist.' Some are saying, 'But what does that really mean?' Some commentators wonder: "Isn't a centrist just somebody who can't make up his mind?" And the answer is no.

In my humble opinion, the Anglican Centrists of the world are more tolerant of difference than those on the radical left and right, we really aren't as polarizing and black/white as they are. It is simple as that. We recognize that this kind of dynamic tension between opposing ideas is in fact the place in which we understand the truth to emerge most often. And because of this, we don't want to allow the balance to come unglued and fall out of dynamic tension -- and yet it is this very thing the far left and right are prepared to do now.
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