Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Staples settles pricing lawsuit with vouchers :: Boston Globe

Our courts should not be clogged with these sorts of junk lawsuits:
BOSTON --Staples Inc. has agreed to hand out vouchers worth $7.50 to as many as 76,800 shoppers to settle a class action lawsuit charging the company with violating the state's pricing regulations. Under the settlement, the vouchers will be given to the first 1,200 shoppers who visit any of the chain's 64 Massachusetts store on a yet-to-be-selected Monday, called "Consumer Day" in court papers.

If all the vouchers are distributed, the settlement would cost Staples $576,000, plus another $210,000 in fees paid to the plaintiffs' attorneys, The Boston Globe reported.

The state's pricing laws require retailers to put stickers on all items, or to install aisle scanners that allow consumers to find out the price of an item.
The products were clearly priced, no consumer was defrauded; sticking a pricetag on every item is a waste of resources. The plaintiff is merely harassing big box retailers, and by extension their customers who prefer them over other outlets.

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