Saturday, January 21, 2006

5 Strange/Weird/Quirky Things -- Blog Tag

The EclectEcon has tagged me in a blog tag game of naming 5 strange/weird/quirky things about me. Here goes,

1. It took me 11 years to submit my doctoratal dissertation to Brown University. They still awarded my PhD.*

2. Within the span of one week I broke each of my front teeth. This was in 4th grade. I can still remember the principal phoning home to tell my mother (after the second break), "it's a perfect (inverted) V."

3. I can pop my tongue off the roof of my mouth. Very loudy. It comes in handy when the Dubai Singers is in need of some percussion.

4. I worked the Washington Sailing Marina one summer back when I was in college. I had drinks on the job with Captain Tug, who used to have a kids TV show on channel 5 showing Popeye cartoons. I once took a small motorboat up the creek (4 Mile Run) that passed under Potomac Yard (a very large railroad yard), an underground channel, and emerged in Arlington 1/4 of a mile upstream from the mouth of 4 Mile Run.

5. I did the Poor Peoples' March on Washington in 1968.

*without an asterisk

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