Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lambeth Public Service Announcement

Now you, too, can follow all the blogging Anglican bishops with one easy click.

Helen Mosher:
Last night at the Episcopal Cafe, we posted links to all the blogs we’re aware of written by Anglican bishops. In a fit of “how am I going to keep up with this,” I created a pipeline of the posts and gave it a single feed, which you can subscribe to here:

Hope it’s useful to some of you as well, especially with the Lambeth conference being next week.
This is truly outstanding, Helen. Thanks.

It might be a firehose, but at least it's focused.

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Mike said...

Hi John,

On Sept. 25, Episcopalians and others around the world will be participating in World MDG Blogging Day to raise awareness about the MDGs while world leaders are meeting in New York to chart their progress.

I'd love it if you'd consider taking part. We've got more than 100 blogs signed up already ... and that's just after one day!

You can find out more at or on Facebook at

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (

Thanks for considering this and God bless you.

Christ's peace,

Mike Kinman
Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation (