Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Denominational Division

Is there division in the Episcopal Church? Of course.

But how do you write a headline when a parish votes to leave the denomination, and the denomination's constitution says that people can leave but parishes can't? "Parish departs" doesn't capture it. The locution "allegedly departed parish" does.

And what do you put in the headline when a denomination votes to secede, but the denomination says according to its constitution only it decides on divisions?

The Diocese of San Joaquin has voted to leave. But the diocese is still there. It is still there in at least two senses. First, because there has not been a division from the constitutional perspective there is still an Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. It is merely awaiting the appointment of an acting bishop. Second, if the diocese has left who are those people occupying diocesan property and the church property held in trust by the diocese? Shouldn't they be packing their bags?


liturgy said...

“In Mary God has grown small to make us great.”
St. Ephrem (d. 373)

Christmas blessings from one Anglican blog to another
Bosco Peters

obadiahslope said...

On Episcopal cafe you blogged "I also have trouble with Archbishop Jensen. Yeah, he's an archbishop but his title gets bandied in a way that would make you think he's the archbishop of Australia (which he isn't) or at least that he represents New South Wales in the global South (which he can't)."

Archbishop is his title. he doesnt get to choose another one. The Australian structure is different from other Anglican provinces to be sure. And I agree that this sort of complexity is confusing.
Perhaps it is a antipodean habit. New Zealand has three archbishops (one for each tikanga - or non geographic cultural identities within the church) and rotates the primacy between them. Is it wrong for New Zealand to do this - even if it is confusing to other Anglicans?
When I talk to him I call him "Peter". Australians and new Zealanders don't tend to be fussed about titles. He is not the sort of guy to claim titles or perogatives he is not entitled to. It is not his fault that his title follows a different style to TEC.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Yes, they should. And peace be with them, after we count the silverware after they've left.