Thursday, March 09, 2006

Marginal Revolution: Stay tuned for Opposite Day

Over at Marginal Revolution the economists are preparing for Opposite Day. They are inspired by a Jewish atheist's suggestion that for one day each year, atheists try their best to argue for belief. And for believers to give an honest effort to put themselves in the shoes of an atheist. Here at New Virginia Church Man we're all about mutual understanding, so we support this initiative.

In the economist's variant of Opposite Day, the economist will give an honest effort to support promote the pillars of belief in the anti-market camp - basic principles such as "trade is bad" (pillar 3, if I remember correctly).

The late great George Stigler provided us with the clearest statement that we economists are a bit zealous when it comes to our faith in markets. That statement: The Economist as Preacher and Other Essays. As Barry Goldwater might have said, extremism in the pursuit of (economic) liberties is no vice.

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