Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is Wal-Mart evil?

Not according to the public, especially those on a low income. Criticism of Wal-Mart in the media is not reality-based. It comes from elitists like me who want to be surrounded by something a bit more elegant than a box. We don't represent the majority, and our views aren't any more legitimate than the average joe's.


Badger539 said...

Where are you getting your information? Nowhere, obviously, because if you had done any research at all you would know that walmart profits are built on sweatshop labor and denying its rank-and-file employees livable wages and benefits. Perhaps some of those poor people you pretend to care about would not be so poor if we repatriated some of tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs walmart has exported to chinese sweatshops, all in the name of making obscene profits.

Brn said...

I know that when we lived in the US, my wife and I loved Walmart. While not poor, we definately had trouble making ends meet, so we thought that Wal-mart's grocery prices were great. I know that all of our friends who were poorer than us shopped there for the same reason.