Monday, October 24, 2005

Episcopal liberals: strategy :: The Washington Times


A liberal Episcopal group is crafting a strategy to disenfranchise about 16 conservative bishops if the denomination's pivotal General Convention next year in Columbus, Ohio, results in a church split.

Informally named the "Day After" for the aftermath of the June 13-21 event, the strategy outlines a way to file canonical charges against conservative bishops, unseat them from their dioceses, have interim bishops waiting to replace them and draft lawsuits ready to file before secular courts for possession of diocesan property.

The strategy was revealed in a leaked copy of minutes drafted at a Sept. 29 meeting in Dallas of a 10-member steering committee for Via Media, a network of 13 liberal independent Episcopal groups.
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Scott of Hybla said...

As an observer of the obvious, I see this split in the church as a natural conflict between a new worldview or system of core values (meme) emerging in one part of the church community and a more traditional wordview, similar to the split between "reds" and "blues" in current American politics.

Today's WaPost has a story about how some Nigerian Anglicans experience the schism, "Nigerian Churches Tell West to Practice What It Preached on Gays."

Martin Buber would probably advise me that I am experiencing the split as an I-It and should also encounter those involved as an I-Thou, if I were to add any good to the dialogue.